There are so many different organizations and groups getting involved, not only in minor sport but across the board in terms of large events focussing on many social and health issues. Charities, foundations and major sponsors alike are involved in everything from walks and runs to festivals and group events. Sportswraps can provide a multitude of  options to enhance and assist in organizating, branding, revenue generating and promotiing your event. Not only can Sportswraps provide branded product but it can also be indiviually customized if desired.


Sportswraps products are vastly becoming a popular demand for branding and promoting. Businesses are finding it to be an economical way to brand and to sponsor a local team or event by providing something useful. Sportswraps has provided products to many teams sponsored by high-tech companies, contracting companies, restaurants, real estate offices & agents, health & fitness clubs, and the list is growing. Customized products are great new way to enhance, brand, and promote. Sportswraps will go as far as helping to find a sponsor/partner for your event.


Fundraising is never easy. Groups are always looking for something new or different. Sportswraps can help you with your fundraising efforts by providing customized products at discounted rates to allow for large profit margin resale. We will also donate product or provide an “order discount offer” to auction or raffle. In turn, we would receive the advertising/branding opportunity and a charitable donation receipt if applicable. Sportwraps will also come out to your tournament or event and can offer on-site product sales and installations.